Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wiggles and Hiccups

10  Weeks | Size of a Prune


We saw you for the first time on Thursday!!! Mama was not feeling so well all day and was so nervous for the new ultrasound experience so me and Papi did not have time to really take in what was going to really happen that day! But WOW how crazy God is in his infinite wisdom and creativity! To be able to see you so early and hear your little heartbeat was amazing. Daddy got "soft" as he puts it lol and mama was wowed when she heard your heart! We both giggled when we saw you had hiccups. So cute!!! The doctor told us you were healthy and an active little one! Papi says its because you will play ball, I say its because you are a little dancer and Abuelo is already envisioning you on the baseball field! We all cannot wait to meet you little one!

Today I woke up thinking about you. My heart was so full and excited I felt it would bust! I dreamt about cuddling with you and kissing your soft sweet cheeks! Its been a rough little journey thus far, but seeing you has given me so much life and energy! I cannot wait to hold you! I am so grateful for you and excited to have me a new best friend!

We love you soo much.......keep on staying strong!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Our Little Appleseed

5 Weeks | Size of an Apple seed


The day we told our family about you....

We celebrated your future best friends(Mello Wello) first birthday! It was two weeks before his actual birthday but we wanted to make sure your Lola and Tita Reen would be able to make it before leaving on their trip to the Philippines. Me and daddy were waiting for what seemed like forever for this day to come, we knew they would be so excited and supportive and that is something we really needed.

All of your Abuelo's/Lolo's were present and your Tia's and Tio's....minus your Tio Josh. Your furry faves were present, Sox, Coco, and Noah!

The morning started out rough, I was feeling the nausea of you growing within me, and was not in the best strength to have a party but the excitement  helped me to push through it all. Your daddy was a star that day, cleaning and cooking all the food for the party! You are going to fall for him and learn how to be a true servant by watching him!

We had a hot dog and chili bar, Tio Kirby made a doggy soundtrack, Doggy shows were playing on the TV and we even play a game with all the pups; who could eat the fastest!

 Then was the fun part....opening Mello's gifts!

I saved mama and papi's gift for last and opened all the awesome gifts our family gave us.....they are so giving and supportive...even for a puppy party! Lastly, I opened our gift.....a sweater that said "Big Bro"it took a while for them to get it but when they did their reactions were priceless!!!

Here is the video!

You are already so loved!

Love you darling!

~Mama My

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Surprise Blessing in the size of a Poppyseed

4 Weeks | Size of a Poppyseed

01.13.15 a date that will be forever be embedded in our minds.

 I can recall dreaming about this day but I never would have imagined it would come this soon!! It is still surreal to me, knowing that your precious soul is forming within me.......AGAIN...what a blessing!!!

We had been questioning if you had come because of symptoms that I had never felt before. I finally just did it, I woke up and fumbled around nervously within the bathroom while your father slept. I was able to get the test open after some struggle and I took it. As soon as I did I quickly placed it on the window sill too nervous to see the results, but knowing in my heart what they would read. I sat on the bathroom floor and prayed. "God it's in your hands, I don't feel ready but you know all things and I've always said it would happen when you thought we were ready." I then looked up at that scary white stick and saw the results that I expected, you were being made within me. I paced the bathroom, took deep breaths and placed the results on the sink in hopes of surprising your daddy. BUT as you will quickly soon figure out and I am sure use to your advantage, I am Horrible with keeping secrets!!

I tried to quietly walk back into the bedroom but right away your father turned to me and asked me what I was doing.......I quickly pulled my hoody to cover the smirk and stood there frozen looking at him. He continued to asked what I was doing and finally I said..."I took it..." and finally managed to let out, "its positive!". He didn't believe me so I had to run to the bathroom and bring back the test to show him. He then questioned the light line on the test, so I ran back to the bathroom and threw the instructions that showed what a positive test result looked like. We both had nervous smiles on our faces and laughed. I climbed back into bed and began to freak out but tried to remain calm. He began to reassure me and got into nurse mode. LOL We decided to take the second test to confirm after more rest.

We took it a different method this time, and this time I let your father hover over the results. Not to our surprise there you were as clear as day....YES+.

That morning was a swarm of emotions.......we managed to snap this nervous picture........don't mind mama she forgot to take her makeup off before bed.......

.....though we are nervous and in disbelief......we have so much love for you already......our little poppyseed!!!

~ Mama MY

Friday, January 30, 2015


There is no-one like your mother. Nobody can love you like your mama does. I am so blessed to have my mother still in my life and still cheering me on! I am so much like my mother. As I get older I realize that more and more. She is my prayer warrior, my corny joking, supportive mother! 

It would not have been the same without her there helping me get ready on my special day. She is my voice when I don't have one, my prayer when I cannot speak them, my believer when I lack in faith....she is the rock that keeps me, keeps us all going strong. She was pretty quiet on my wedding day, not sure if it was the nerves or just the mother within her worrying about the day and praying it would go smoothly......but she was was that quiet beautiful strength of support that I needed.

I am reminded of a time where my circle of friends rejected me. I was isolated and left to feel discarded and without value. I remember kneeling at the alter at a church service, crying my eyes out from the hurt that they made me feel, asking God to please let them see the hurt they were causing me, let them come and hold me.....I remember sitting there feeling their stares almost like daggers making the hurt more deep. Then I felt a hand go around my shoulder.......I looked up expecting one of them and instead found it to be my mother. God then reassured me that my mother, my family will be the rock that would hold me through that next season. That was the truth! My faithful mother!


My prayer is that I will become the mother to my child as she is to me. My child will be so richly blessed if that will come to pass!

I love you ma!


(All pictures by Katherine Davis by http://www.deependimagery.com )

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Always Daddy's Little Girl

 I am so happy we decided to have the "First Look" with my father. Ever since I was a little girl you could always find me at my Papi's side. I knew he would appreciate this experience and since it was his mother who made my dress I thought it was only fitting to do so. My father did not want anything to do with knowing the design of the dress. He decided himself that he wanted to see it for the first time on my wedding day, I thought that to be so special. Throughout the process he made sure things were going smooth and encouraged me to get what I wanted out of the dress. Sigh.....I adore this man.  

It was truly a blessing to have him there and healthy on my wedding day. (He had open heart surgery back in September of 2013, a blog to come on that testimony) What a faithful God we serve!!

I love you Papi!


(All pictures by Katherine Davis by http://www.deependimagery.com )

Friday, January 16, 2015

"The Way You Look Tonight"

Our wonderful photographer Kat Davis with http://deependimagery.com captured the only time I cried on my wedding day. I am a weird one, I do not show much emotion for special events like most, I am actually kind of awkward and maybe way too much in my head to express them. Anyway! This moment was made during getting ready, as I always envisioned, Frank Sinatra was playing in the background. My grandfather who was by far was one of the most hilariously stubborn loving man I have known was a HUGE Frank Sinatra fan. He even named one of his sons after him! What a character my grandfather was, I so wish my husband and friends would have been able to have met him. He past away years ago after being bedridden for many years after suffering from a stroke. At his funeral Frank was playing in the background and as his casket was lowered into the burial place, the last man who was given permission to sing Frank Sinatra's songs sang "My Way". It was something that my grandfather would have absolutely loved.....well the guy was kind of old and honestly I heard better, which I know my grandfather would have made fun of LOL but nonetheless, it was the perfect ending to a beautiful life we had the privilege of calling our grandfather's. 

Back to the story.....

While getting ready "The Way You Look Tonight" came on......this was a song that I had on repeat during the mourning process of my grandfather. I always coined it a song that I would dedicate to him during my wedding day. It came on and BOOM the tears fell and as much as I would have loved to have him there to party like Gatsby with(the man could jam and party!) I felt him there that day. It was a beautiful moment......getting ready to walk down the aisle in the dress his wife handmade for me.....it was evident he was smiling down on me with those gaps! Not many understood what was behind those tears at that moment but it was one marked down in the books. My grandfather was there partying and with so much joy that day in my heart of hearts. In fact, he is always with us.....every time we watch or play baseball.....when we read our books......jam to salsa music.......when I am dancing with my father......every Yankees win.....when I bite into a jamon y queso(ham and cheese) sandwich from a Spanish bakery........AND of course when Frank plays on the radio.....there he is.

I love you grandpa! We miss you but glad you are able to dance again!


"Some day, when I'm awfully low,
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you
And the way you look tonight.

Yes you're lovely, with your smile so warm
And your cheeks so soft,
There is nothing for me but to love you,
And the way you look tonight.

With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fear apart
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
It touches my foolish heart.

Lovely, never, ever change.
Keep that breathless charm.
Won't you please arrange it ?
Cause I love you, just the way you look tonight.

Mm, mm, mm, mm,
Just the way you look to-night."

Thursday, January 15, 2015

More Than A Wedding Dress

 This dress......it means the world to me! My grandmother crochet it just for me! Every part of it was made by her loving hands and along with my aunt, who made the slip....which itself could have been a beautiful dress! Sigh......again...how blessed am I?!?!

Thank you Lord, for an amazing loving and talented family!

The process of creating this dress was an interesting one!
My grandmother had years before crochet a wedding dress for my cousin's destination wedding. I had prior to seeing this knew my grandmother's talent and thought to myself how cool it would be if she made mine. When I saw that she was able to create such a beautiful piece of art which confirmed my thoughts, I instantly(during the wedding reception) went up to her and whispered in her ear, "Grandma, when my time comes, I want you to make my dress." She smiled and said "of course baby, but it better be soon, my eyes ain't getting any better!" We laughed and that night I went home and started planning the design of my dress! Yup, still not engaged but dating...LOL

A few months later, I was over her house and she asked me if I had any ideas of what I would like. I told her and showed her inspiration pictures....nervously.....as I said earlier, I still wasn't engaged! She said she just wanted to practice.....

Not too long after, we visited her again and to my surprise she already had a dress that was almost fully completed! I was so nervous and felt so weird talking about it when AGAIN...I still was without a ring! LOL She even had me try it on!! It fit like a glove! No measurements.....she is just amazing at her craft!!

Finally, maybe a year or more later....I received the ring and was able to go over and comfortably talk about the dress!! I originally pictured myself getting married in the Fall but due to being in school that changed to a summer wedding, so the original dress she made had quarter length sleeves. I felt guilty and was not wanting to tell her they had to go....but being a grandma she knew and the sleeves were off in seconds once the truth came out! There were a few bumps in the process after that but eventually the dress started to really take form into my vision and I was beyond ecstatic.

It meant so much to me to walk down the aisle in such an amazing piece of art, made with so much love by my grandmother! It will definitely be something I will cherish for years to come, and I am looking to frame and hoping to pass on to my little pearl one day!

She also handmade the veil and my head piece!!! Isn't she a beauty!!!??
I love you Grandma!


(All pictures by Katherine Davis by http://www.deependimagery.com )